Mother Wants To Raise Awareness After Her 9-Year-Old Son Committed Suicide Because Of Bullying At School

Date September 4, 2018

Nowadays, bullying at schools or on media is like a disease that spreads at an enormous speed. Unfortunately, in some cases, this disease has tragic consequences.

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Grieving mother shares her story

Leia Pierce from Colorado decided to share her heartbreaking story to raise awareness among other parents. Leia’s 9-year-old son, Jamel, committed suicide after been bullied at his school.


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Jamel was a fourth grade at Joe Shoemaker Elementary School in Colorado. This kid could have a bright future ahead of him, but he took his life.

Leia said her son was bullied at school after he came out as gay. It was a hard confession for him to make, but Leia accepted her son’s choice.

However, Jamel’s classmates did not accept the boy’s coming out in a good way. Pierce told ABC News, her son was constantly bullied by others students in his school. At some point, it was too much pressure for the 9-year-old boy, and he committed suicide.

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Leia decided to make her sad story public to generate overall attention to the problem of bullying. She said school administration together with parents should join their forces to stop kids’ deaths once and for all.

Hoping no parent ever has to go through this pain.

We thank Leia for sharing her story and hope her experience will teach other parents to take the problem of kids bullying very seriously.

How to deal with bullying at schools

Most parents ask themselves a question: “How to find out that your child suffers from bullying and how to prevent a similar situation?”

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Here are some useful tips for parents to know:

1. Regularly ask a kid how he/she is doing at school. Pay attention to the kid’s emotions at that moment.

2. Sometimes, children just do not realize what bullying actually means. Talk to your child about this problem.

3. Practice social skills together. In most cases, a lack of communication skills among children can result in bullying.

4.  Teach your child to respect other people and to expect the same from them.

5. Pay attention to cyberbullying too. Make sure your kid doesn’t spend all his/her spare time on social media. Understand what modern devices your child uses for communication.

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Dear parents, we hope none of you will have to deal with this fatal problem. Make sure your child doesn’t suffer from bullying until it’s too late.

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