Unbelievable! Woman Decided To Shave Her Legs In A Drinking Water Fountain In A Public Park

Date August 31, 2018 13:53

Sometimes, adults behave in such a freaky and improper way, that it makes others wonder, "What sort of example do they set to our kids?"

Woman shaved her legs in a public water fountain

Warning! Dear readers, in case you are in the middle of enjoying your meal, we ask you to finish your lunch or dinner, and only then return to reading this article, as this story has all chances to ruin your appetite.

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A totally disgusting act was captured on camera by one of the passers-by in a Spanish public park. A woman put her legs on top of a drinking water fountain, and started shaving her legs.

The Sun / YouTube

How would a person do something so disgusting and selfish? That was the first question that came to our mind.

Even when the woman noticed that other visitors in the park kept watching her, she did not stop her brutal actions, and simply finished shaving her legs.

One of the tourists, Jason Wills, captured that bizarre deed on his camera. The video was posted on The Sun. Wills commented on that nasty situation he had to witness in the middle of the day in a public place:

I sat on the bench when a woman approached the fountain, and just started shaving. It was disgusting. It wasn’t the quietest part of the park, more like the main path walking through it.

Scahrma /

Similar situation happened in a swimming pool

A similar story happened in a Florida swimming pool. One woman thought it would be a good idea to combine swimming with shaving her legs.

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Irina Nilmut /

Can you imagine that you and your kids are swimming in the pool, while someone next to you is shaving in the water? Phew! What’s wrong with those people?

We do not ask everyone to follow etiquette rules appropriate in the royal families, but please…How do you make such people understand that they live in a society, and need to follow at least the most common ethical norms?!

Have you ever witnessed situations like this one? Please, share your thoughts in the comments.  

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