10-Month-Old Baby Suffered Severe Burns During A Bath In Nurse’s Care. Outraged Parents Blame The Staff For Negligence

Date October 1, 2018

A family of a 10-month-old baby sues a pediatrics center after their precious child got burns all over the body after a bath.

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Parents blame a nurse for negligence

A family from New Jersey sues Bayada Pediatrics claiming negligence after a horrible incident that happened to their child.

Samantha McCrae had a complicated labor. For this reason, her newborn twins required a constant nurse care. Unfortunately, one of her twins, Nile, suffered severe burns during a bath.

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According to the family’s attorney, Steven Haddad, one of the staff members put the 10-month-old baby under hot bath water without testing it first. As a result, little Nile suffered severe burns all over his body. Moreover, the nurse tried to cover it all up by clothes until Mrs. McCrae noticed the burns and called 911.

The outraged mother said:

She even didn’t tell something was wrong, and then when I saw my baby, he was already fully dressed and she was rubbing ice on him.

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According to Bayada Pediatrics, the sad accident “was caused by a rapid, unexpected fluctuation of water temperature.”

Our internal investigation determined that this was an unfortunate accident.

We keep praying for little Nile and his rapid recovery.

Who’s to blame for medical neglect?

Doctors and nurses’ mistakes are one of the most controversial topics nowadays as their consequences may be dangerous and even fatal.

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But, on the other hand, doctors and nurses are just humans. So, how to determine whether their mistake is forgivable or not?!

When a ‘mistake’ can damage your child’s health, parents should understand their responsibility as well. Here are some key moments to pay attention to:

1. Learn more about what procedures are to be done to your child.

2. Make sure doctors and nurses are fully informed about your child’s condition.

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3. Don’t hesitate to ask questions. You should be aware of everything that’s going on with your kid.

4. Check recommendations before addressing to a certain medical center.

5. If possible, try not to leave your child alone.

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In the majority of cases, mistakes could be avoided if the medical staff and parents have been more attentive and careful.

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