Incredible! Baby That Did Not Breathe For 90 Minutes After Birth Survived When Doctors Refrigerate Her Body Down To 4 Degrees

Date August 15, 2018 19:21

Some people believe that babies, who survived life-threatening conditions soon after birth, will live a long and happy life. We really hope it will be so for a ‘miracle baby’ that stopped breathing for 90 minutes and then was revived by doctors who did not give up on him.

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Baby was given a second chance at life

Simon Meanwell is what people call a ‘miracle baby.’ This little boy got a second chance at life as he stopped breathing for 90 minutes after birth.

Simon was born at Peterborough Hospital and everything seemed to be fine with this little angel. But soon the newborn stopped breathing. Doctors rushed to give the child CPR, as his condition was getting serious. It took three attempts to make Simon's tiny lungs work on their own again.

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When medics finally had resuscitated the baby, they started what they call a cooling process. They rapped Simon in a special cooling blanket which decreased his body temperature down to 4 degrees and stopped him from having seizures.

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The cooling therapy is a relatively new technique which is used on babies who are seriously deprived of oxygen during or shortly after birth to help prevent brain injury.

Six months after the incident, Simon’s parents said he’s doing fine.

He's doing very well though but we don't know what will happen, it all depends how he develops.

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We keep praying for little Simon and his family and hope this precious child will have a long life full of the brightest moments.

Similar story happened to another baby

Simon’s case is not a single one. A similar story happened to a baby girl named Beatrix.

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The tiny girl did not breathe for 23 minutes soon after birth and was saved by a doctor who refused to give up on her.

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One of the medics kept trying to resuscitate Beatrix despite she had bad chances to survive. Finally, on the 23rd minute, the baby started breathing on her own.

Her savior said that little Beatrix reminded him of his own daughter and he felt a responsibility to get her back to life.

Such stories with a happy ending make us believe in true miracles. Babies, who got a second chance at life, are truly blessed by the higher power. 

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