Mother Discovers Her 7-Month-Old Baby Is Still Alive And Breathing At Her Own Funeral Service

Date August 13, 2018 18:47

A grieving mother thought her baby passed away, then discovered the girl is still alive when she woke up during a funeral service.

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‘Miracle baby'

It’s hard to imagine the grief of parents who lost their kids. Ivis Montoya thought she had the most horrible nightmare of every parent when her little daughter was proclaimed dead.

7-month-old Keilin Johanna Ortiz Montoya was transformed at a hospital in Villanueva, Honduras, where she underwent an intensive treatment. The baby was diagnosed with a severe bacterial infection. Keilin suffered from dehydration and convulsions till the doctors announced her passing three days later.

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What happened next will make you believe in true miracles. During the funeral service, Ivis noticed that her precious baby girl is still breathing. She rushed to a local clinic, where Keilin was taken to the intensive care unit.

This girl has a strong will to live. We keep praying for this family and hope little Keilin will be alright.

Similar story with a happy ending

A similar story happened to an Argentina girl named Luz Milagros Veron, 6 years ago.

The baby showed no signs of life when she was born three months premature, and doctors sent her to a morgue. Luz Milagros spent nearly 12 hours there until the medical workers discovered she was breathing.

The girl is doing fine now. Her parents decided to name her Luz Milagros Veron, which means "Miracle Light" in English.

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Some people believe that babies, who went through similar situations in their early years, will definitely live a long and happy life. We really hope it will be so!

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