After Losing Their Precious Son, Alfie Evans’ Parents Welcomed A New Baby Boy

Date September 4, 2018 17:54

Three months after losing their precious son, Alfie Evans’ parents have some great news to share. They welcomed a baby boy, who is almost a mini-copy of his older brother.

Alfie Evans’ parents welcomed a baby boy

Kate James and Thomas Evans welcomed a son four weeks ago but revealed the news just recently.  It’s a cute baby boy named Thomas after his father.

Three months ago, Kate and Thomas lost their son, Alfie, whose life support was switched off following the court decision. Alfie was diagnosed with a complicated brain condition, which only 10 children in the world have had.

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Millions of supporters kept praying for Alfie’s recovery. This boy won people’s hearts! The news of Alfie’s passing appeared to be a devastating tragedy for everyone, especially for the grieving parents.

Kate and Thomas say their new son looks just like his older brother he sadly will never meet. Kate said:

He’s amazing, he’s the absolute double of Alfie… Sometimes I feel Alfie is in him.

The parents have been afraid little Thomas could suffer from the same brain condition as Alfie did. The disease is genetic, so Kate and Tom have a one-in-four chance of it happening to more babies.

After the baby’s birth, doctors conducted a number of tests. They confirmed little Tomas is completely healthy.

While waiting for the tests results, Tom and Kate said they couldn’t sleep for several nights praying for their little angel. Thank God, all the worries are over now.

We are so happy for Kate and Tom. They suffered a lot over the last two years when Alfie was sick. Our congratulations and warmest wishes to this family. Welcome to the big world, little Thomas!

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