Beware Of Illegal Substances: 14-Year-Old Girl Lost Her Life After Taking Super-Strength Pills Sold On Social Media For A Pocket Money Price

Date August 20, 2018 10:58

We won’t get tired of reminding everyone not to take their good health for granted. In most cases, our own irresponsibility and negligence are the main causes of serious health issues, which can lead to fatal consequences.

A teenage girl lost her life after taking uncertified pills sold on social media for a pocket money price.

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Bethany’s story

Bethany Devlin-McCrone from Greasby, Wirral was just 14 years old when she lost her life due to a heartbreaking mistake.

Bethany was found breathless in her house after she took super-strength pills, which she reportedly bought via a Snapchat for as little as £5.

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The Merseyside Police investigated the case and said the girl died from "adverse reaction" to the illegal substance, The Liverpool Echo reported.  

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A spokesman for the police, Nick Gunatilleke, addressed to all students and their parents via his statement in The Liverpool Echo. He said:  

We would ask every single parent, talk to your children. When they are having sleepovers, when they are with their friends, when they are going to parties, when they are going to the park, talk to your children. Give them the confidence to say no. They do not know what effect a drug is going to have on their body.

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How to avoid dangerous drug mistakes

When you buy pills without prescription, you do not know what is in that drug. Experts named several most common drug mistakes that can be dangerous or even fatal for people:

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1. Mixing drugs with alcohol.

2. Taking controlled substances without a prescription.

3. Mixing several substances at one time.

4. Not taking medications as directed. Always follow a certified specialist’s instructions for taking a particular drug!

5. Not asking questions. Make sure to ask: “What is this for? Is it not indicated for use with any of the other medications I have?" etc.

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Unfortunately, one simple mistake can have life-changing consequences. Do not neglect your own health! Be safe!

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