Defying The Odds: Newborn Survived After Being Ripped From Her Mother’s Womb During A Car Crash

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August 16, 2018 11:49 By Fabiosa

Sometimes, you hear about a story of a miraculous survival or recovery and think “No! It’s unbelievable!” Some real-life stories are indeed hard to believe, but on the other hand, they fill us with a hope that true miracles exist.

Newborn miraculously survived a car crash

A newborn’s mother was a passenger in a truck in Brazil. At some moment, the truck’s driver lost a control over the vehicle, which led to the horrible crash.

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The 39-weeks pregnant woman was thrown away from the cabin. Her baby miraculously survived after been ripped from her mother’s womb.

Medics who arrived at the crash scene were shocked to discover the crying baby girl several meters away from her mother. The baby was immediately taken to the Pariquera-Acu hospital and placed at the neonatal intensive care ward.

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The ‘miracle baby’ weighed 6 pounds, 8 ounces at birth and was given the name Giovanna, which means “protected by God.”

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Boy with a rare condition that stole the hearts of millions

Here is another inspirational story of a child who was born with a rare condition but still keeps on fighting no matter what.

2-year-old Roman Dinkel was born with Spina Bifida defect, which literally means ‘split spine’. Despite his special condition, Roman is a joyful little boy who is curious about everything around him. His mother, Whitney Dinkel, said about her son:

He’s very outgoing, he’s spunky, he’s got a great personality.

To raise awareness about Roman’s illness, his parents launched a Facebook page to share Roman’s new milestones and ‘defying odds’ journey.

And do you know what? Little Roman is very popular on social media and has a huge army of fans.  We also can’t help admiring this little fellow.

As you see, such incredible stories prove that nothing is impossible in this world. If these little kids managed to survive and keep on battling difficulties every single day, we can do it too. Never lose faith and believe in yourself!

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