Do Not Push Each Other Off A Water Slide! 8-Year-Old Boy Suffered Multiple Injuries And Broken Bones Because Line Was Moving Too Slowly

Date August 8, 2018

Summer time! Vacations! Children having fun at the theme parks and aquaparks. Did we forget something? Yes! Safety rules!

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Boy got injured at a water slide

8-year-old Sawyer Warner from Minnesota has got serious injuries after being thrown off a 30ft water park slide.

The kid was waiting for his turn to ride down the water slide at the aquapark. Apparently, one of the men behind him thought the line was moving too slowly and pushed Sawyer off, The New York Daily News reported.

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The 8-year-old boy fell off 30ft water slide to the ground. Sawyer suffered serious injuries and multiple broken bones. Fortunately, there is no threat to the boy’s life.

The man that pushed Sawyer was identified by a police as 18-year-old Roman Adams. Captain Nick Francis commented on the accident to Fox News:

Adams’ statement was that the line was moving too slow ... he took those aggressions out on the person in front of him.

Adams faces charges for the child assault. Hopefully, 8-year-old Sawyer should be fine.

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Aquapark safety rules

Attending an aquapark is one of the most memorable experiences in childhood. But what all children often forget about is following safety rules while having fun at a water slide and other attractions. At this point, adults should remind their kids (and control as well) this important safety information.

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1.  Stay aside from a ‘warning’ area.

2.  Make sure to explain to kids the ride rules and tell them how they should behave at an aquapark.

3. Follow attendant instructions all the time.

4. Make sure your kids suit an age limit regulations for every particular attraction.

5. At a water slide, make sure only one rider is sliding at a time.

6. No flipping, wrestling, or piling on others while on a water slide.

7. No food, gum, and drinks, inside the unit.

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Please, don’t forget to follow these safety regulations to have only positive memories after attending a park but not multiple injuries or broken bones. Keep safe!

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