Doctors’ Mistake Or Medical Neglect? Woman Sues A Hospital Saying They Performed C-Section On Her Without Anesthesia

Date August 8, 2018 18:18

A woman sues a hospital for medical neglect. She claims they performed C-section on her without anesthesia and she felt like they cut her open.

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C-section without anesthesia

26-year-old Delfina Mota from California and her boyfriend Paul sue Tri-City Medical Center claiming doctors performed a surgery on her without the drugs.

Delfina was 41 weeks pregnant when doctors said her baby should be delivered as soon as possible to avoid complications. They took the woman to an operating room to perform C-section but, for some reason, an anesthesiologist wasn’t there, Mota told People.

The woman says doctors didn’t wait for someone to come and give her anesthesia and cut her while she was conscious and felt everything.

 I felt them cut me open. Nurses were holding me down. I could feel her cutting me and, with her hands, opening me.

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Her boyfriend Paul was outside the delivery room all the time and said he had never heard someone screaming like that. He wanted to come in and check on his girlfriend, but a nurse did not let him do that.

I heard the most horrific screams you could ever imagine, multiple screams, and then silence.

Doctors’ mistake or medical neglect?

Fortunately, Delfina and her baby are both fine, but the mother says what happened to her was a real nightmare. Mota claims she still feels pain even 8 months after the “horrible surgery.” The incident made a huge impact on her and Delfina is not sure whether she wants to have more kids in the future.

The family sues Tri-City Medical Center for medical neglect hoping a similar situation will never happen to any other woman.

However, in their statement to The San Diego Union-Tribune, the medical center denies all allegations saying Mota was given anesthesia prior to the surgery.

We hope Delfina can forget this horrible story and will have more children in the future.

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