Mother Is Furious With A Primary School After Her 5-Year-Old Disabled Daughter Had Her Hair Cut Off By Bullies

Date June 27, 2018 15:52

A furious mother decided to speak out after her 5-year-old disabled daughter had her hair cut off by bullies at a nursery school.

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Cruel bullies cut off disabled girl's hair

Samantha Fleming from Derby is furious with a primary school for their inaction considering kids’ bullying.

Her 5-year-old daughter Melissa suffered from other students in her class. The girl had her hair cut by bullies six times, and neither teachers nor school administration did anything to stop it.

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Melissa was born with a special condition called microcephaly. It means her head is smaller than normal because the brain hasn’t developed properly. For this reason, Melissa experiences some difficulties with communication and studying.

Children can be very cruel at this age, especially with someone who differs from the rest of them. That’s what happened to Melissa. The girl is not so close with other kids from her nursery. They constantly make jokes on her and even cut her hair using scissors in the classroom. The story repeated six times in a row.

Her mother, Samantha, said:

 It's awful what my daughter has been through and no one seems to be doing anything to stop this. Due to Melissa's health issues, her hair doesn't grow back very well.

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Mrs. Fleming addressed to the primary school administration asking them to take some actions considering bullying of her daughter. The only thing she heard was false promises.

I asked the school if they could put the scissors away, but their response was that the children need them for their education.

The furious mother also spoke to a head teacher, but it didn’t help either.

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“I’m not going to keep silence”

Samantha says she is not going to let it go so easily. Her little daughter was excited to start school in September but now, she is afraid the same story can happen again with her new class.

Mrs. Fleming wants to raise parents’ awareness about the problem of bullying at school. Unfortunately, most often, adults even have no idea their children suffer from bullies.

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The mother of three believes that schools should resolve this problem by discussing with students the standards of conduct in a modern society. Samantha also stressed on the necessity to make emphasis on the kids with disabilities.  

A school’s goal is not only to provide high-quality education but also to ensure the safety of the children they care for every day, and that should be their priority.

The problem of bullying in schools is extremely serious nowadays. Dear parents, please pay attention to your kids’ relationship with other children to make sure they do not suffer from bullies in their surroundings.

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