Put All Medicines Out Of Children’s Reach! 8-Year-Old Boy Mistook His Father’s Methamphetamine For Breakfast Cereal

Date August 6, 2018

We won’t get tired to remind all parents to store their medicines out of children’s reach. The story of an Indiana boy who mistook his father’s pills for breakfast cereal is another reminder of how important this problem is.

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Danger of the inappropriate medicines storage for kids

Even after so many tragic stories been told about the danger of inappropriate medicines storage to children, they still continue to get poisoned. Sometimes, the consequences are really dramatic.

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So, how to store all home medicines safety? Experts suggest following this guide to save your kids from possible dangers.

1.  Make sure that all medicines are stored out of reach and sight of children.

2. Install safety locks on all cabinets which contain pills and vitamins.

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3. Always keep food and medicines separately. In most cases, children can mistake colored pills for candies.

4. Close your medicine caps tightly after every use.

5. Some products which you may not consider as medicine (like vitamins or eye drops) should be also stored safely.

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6. Explain to your kids they should not taste anything unusual they may find at your place. First, they need to show the finding to their parents.

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8-year-old boy mistook his father’s meth for breakfast cereal

A kid from Indiana died after mistakenly eating his dad’s methamphetamine for breakfast. The boy was just in the second grade.

8-year-old Curtis Collman Jr. was the joyful and curious to life boy, who sadly passed away after eating more than 180 times the lethal amount of methamphetamine.

According to a police report, Curtis started eating what he thought was a breakfast cereal. In fact, the child ate a strong drug, ABC News reported.

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Detective Tom Baker said in his announcement:

An 8-year-old child more than likely suffered for many hours.

The boys’ father, Curtis Collman, didn’t call 911 immediately. Instead, he took his son to his parents’ home, and they called ambulance hours later. The kid died in a hospital from the drug overdose. Mr. Collman faces charges at the present moment.

One more time! Dear parents, keep your medicines and vitamins out of reach of your children. Do not neglect safety storage rules. It’s always better to prevent a tragedy rather than to deal with its tragic consequences.

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