Teen Girl’s Diary Of Sex Abuse Helps Sentence To Jail Her Babysitter 15 Years Later

Date June 5, 2018 18:48

To find out that your child has been sexually abused is the most awful thing that could happen to any parent.

 A teen girl’s diary helped snare her babysitter who forced her to play adult games 15 years ago.

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Diary of sex abuse victim

Katrina Holmes became a victim of sex abuse when she was a teenager. But it took her 15 years to get the inner strength to share her very personal story.

Katrina was 12 when suffered from horrible abuse which took place almost half a year. When her 27-year-old nanny, Deborah Evans, started to work in their family, Katrina thought they could become good friends.

Her own mother lived hundreds of miles away, so the teen girl really looked up to Deborah and felt safe with her. Evans became a family friend, but at some point, her attitude changed drastically.

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Katrina recalled that one night the nanny came to her room and asked to kiss her on the lips. As a teenager, Katrina was confused by Evans’ actions.

I froze and pulled away from her. What are you doing?

But then things came even worth when Evans began forcing the girl to take part in sex games at her flat.

I felt powerless and afraid. Maybe I wasn't a tiny child but she had so much control over me. Inside I was crying - this woman who I looked up to and loved was now abusing me.

The abuse went on for almost six months. Katrina never told her parents what her babysitter did to her. Only when she became an adult she decided to share her heartbreaking story. It took her 15 years to speak because she blamed herself all this time.  

When I got to 27 myself I realized what she had done was very wrong. It has taken so much courage and strength to speak out but I am no longer that frightened teenager. I have made her accountable for what she did to me.

Katrina had a secret diary where she described her sexual abuse while a teen. This diary was used in the case against Deborah Evans. After Katrina gave evidence in the court, her offender was sentenced to 7 years in jail.

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How to protect your child from abuse

Unfortunately, children may often keep abuse secret because they feel confused, scared, or guilty. So, how can you safeguard your kids? 

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The best way is having somewhat difficult conversations with your child about what is abuse. Explain to your kids that no one has a right to touch them or force them to do anything without their will.

If you have a nanny, don't stop to check her background and references. Get to know the coaches, teachers, and other adults in your child's world and pay attention to how they interact together.

But, probably the best advice to all parents is to follow your instincts if anything bothers you about someone who spends time with your child.

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Keep safe and take care of your children!

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