Why Parents Do Not Seek Medical Help When Their Children Need It?! Some Adults Choose Faith Over Medicine

Date August 9, 2018

Is it up to parents to decide how to treat their own children? But what if they make a wrong choice? The price for such mistakes can be too high.

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Why some parents choose faith over medicine?

According to ‘Children’s Health Care Is a Legal Duty’ organization, recent statistics on children’s deaths due to parents’ neglect is alarming, The New York Times reported that around 300 children die every year in the United States in the last two decades because medical care was withheld on the religious aspect. 40% of parents choose not to vaccinate their kids for the same reason. They do not seek medical care for their children on the ground that it violates their belief in faith healing.

The laws around the country are pretty unsettled considering this matter. We usually hear about trials for parents who chose faith over medicine when a tragedy already happened.

But maybe, it’s time to take some measures to prevent a tragedy? It’s a pretty controversial topic that needs a thorough fact-checking.

10-month-old baby lost her life because of her parents’ religious beliefs

10-month-old baby girl Mary from Michigan lost her life from malnutrition and dehydration because her parents allegedly did not seek medical help for religious reasons, The New York Times reported.

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Her parents, Seth Welch and Tatiana Fusari, are both Christians. Now, they face charges for the child abuse that led to tragic consequences.

During the court hearing, Welch and Fusari explained they noticed their baby was too thin and weak at the last month but did not seek medical help because of “lack of faith and trust in medical services and religious reasons.”

Previously, Mr. Welsh spoke about refusing to get his children vaccinated because “God is sovereign over disease.”

The couple has two other children together, aged 2 and 4. Welch and Fusari could spend life in prison if convicted as guilty in the baby’ death.

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Why doctors’ checkups are important

Every person has a right to follow his/her own religious, political, and social beliefs. But! Parents should not forget to put their kids’ interests before their own ones.

Regular doctors’ checkups are necessary for children of all ages, especially babies and toddlers. During a doctor's visit, parents should not be shy of getting their questions answered. A child’s health is above all!

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Experts stress that regular exams are important to help identify risk factors and problems before they become serious. A treatment is usually much more effective when diseases are discovered at an early stage.

The question of medicine vs. religion is not a simple one. We all have our own opinions on this matter, and every voice deserves to be heard. But, please, remember that our children should not become victims of our neglect.

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