7-Week-Old Baby Still Hospitalized After Getting Hit During Softball Game

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May 8, 2018 10:42 By Fabiosa

On Wednesday, last week, 7-week-old McKenna Hovenga was accidentally hit in the head by a flying softball. The baby was being nursed by her mother at the time, while her father, Lee Hovenga, was in the game.

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The unfortunate accident happened during a family outing. Family members on Facebook reported that the baby was immediately taken to Waverly Health Center. From there, she was evacuated by helicopter to St. Mary’s Hospital at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn.

Laura Heise, a member of the family, said the baby had suffered fractures in her head. In addition, she suffered two brain bleeds and several seizures.

Updates provided on the YouCaring page opened by Heise on behalf of McKenna said that the little baby was responding well, and the seizures had stopped.

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Members of the public are chipping in to help

In less than a week, McKenna’s YouCaring page is gaining a lot of attention. Already over $12,000 has been raised of the $15,000 appeal for funds to pay for McKenna’s treatment.

Even more well-meaning individuals are sending support for the baby. Donations can be made at https://www.youcaring.com/mckennahovenga-1181596.

Keeping babies safe can be tough, but awareness is key

This is no guarantee that babies will be absolutely protected all day long. However, it pays to take precautions to ensure their safety at all times. In the United States, the common injuries account for the highest number of deaths among children under 4.

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Babyproofing houses are a good way to forestall accidents at home. Poisonous substances should always be kept locked away. Baths may be fun and swimming too, but young children should never be left alone near the water, even if they know how to swim.

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Firearms should also be locked away at all times and if possible, their location kept hidden from young children. Special care should also be taken to not leave children inside locked cars. Child seats are also necessary for children under 4. Never sit them up front.

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Children are adventurous. Above everything else, they need constant supervision, especially when they are outdoors. Family members said McKenna and her mother were seated at a safe distance from the game, but still, the baby was hit. Sometimes, exercising caution and keeping small children away from physical activity entirely may be the way to go.

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