Prince Charles Admitted He's Concerned About Keeping Up With His Grandkids. What Does It Take To Be A 21st Century Grandparent?

Date May 22, 2018

Some may think that once you've experienced being a parent, grandparenting won't be a big challenge. But people who've been through it all, can tell you there are many challenges in having grandkids.

Take for instance Prince Charles who knows the struggle of figuring out how to keep up with his grandchildren.


Welcome to the family. Thank you everyone for your kind wishes.

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After his first grandchild, Prince George, was born, Charles joked about taking grandparenting lessons. While they might not have been actual lessons, he reassured that he needed a reminder of how to take care of kids.

But knowing how to change a diaper and figuring out feeding process isn't enough. Prince of Wales revealed he's not sure how to keep up with his grandchildren, after Kate Middleton gave birth to her third baby.

So, what does it mean being a grandparent today? Is it any different than a few decades ago?

Keeping up with grandchildren

Current generation of grandparents are mainly baby boomers, which are regarded as the most financially stable people today. This means that grandmas and grandpas don't have to sit at home watching over their offspring. They have done well enough for themselves to travel and do what they want, especially considering how hard they've worked in life.

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The major challenge today is keeping up with new technology and dealing with the new generation's mentality. Kids these days are constantly active. There are way too many things that require attention, including entertainment, education, and work. So modern grandparents need to be aware of new things and know what their grandkids need in order to stay in the loop.

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How to stay relevant

Today, children can't be forced to spend time with their grandparents; there are multiple things they are occupied with. So how can you, as a grandparent, make yourself relevant and attract their grandkids attention?

1. Fill your house with interesting things.

If you want your grandkids to visit you more often, you need to have something they would be looking forward too. Get different books, board games, or movies that appeal to different generations.

Don't worry, you don't have to spend a lot on them. Vintage is in trend, so even your favorite things from younger years can work well.

2. Stay connected.

Even if your family lives far away, there are countless things to keep in touch with them. You can video chat, exchange messages online, or simply talk on the phone. Be a part of their lives, so that they would want to constantly update you and talk.

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3. Allow them to confide in you.

This means sometimes keeping you grandkids' secrets from their parents. You've already brought up your children, you were tough with them and kept them away from trouble. But now, you can take it easy with the grandkids. 

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Listen to them. The more comfortable they feel discussing something with you without the fear of getting judged, the better. Unless, of course, there's something potentially threatening to their lives.

So, the best advice is to relax and pay attention to your grandchildren. They'll let you know everything you need to form a great relationship with them.

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