7 Oklahoma Firefighters Go Viral After Becoming Fathers Within Months Of Each Other

Date May 24, 2018

Dictionaries usually define "coincidence" as two or more events coming together in a surprising, unexpected way, without an obvious explanation of the cause.

But how about 7 events? Several firefighters have become fathers over the last year. Although they are more than just co-workers - they're very good friends - the timing is thought to be a pure "coincidence."

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In less than a year, not two, not five, but seven firefighters from the Glenpool Fire Department in Glenpool became fathers within months of each other.

A wife of one of the Oklahoma firefighter jokes that maybe there is “something in the water” at the Glenpool Fire Department.

The strange but happy chain of events was commemorated on social media with group photos on Sunday afternoon. But the stars of the show didn’t always want to cooperate.

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Melanie Todd, whose husband is in the department, told:

Honestly, it was difficult to get seven babies to cooperate for a picture, so we all had some good laughs. We all joked about knowing which kid not to let theirs hangout with.

The idea to make a photoshoot came from one of the wives, and they all waited for the last baby to enter this world. Todd said:

After we saw the final pictures, we were excited. We're a really close group, so we were glad we took the time to capture the babies with their daddies. Now, we just look forward to seeing them all grow up together.

Once the photos were posted, their story went viral, and TV shows started to invite the families to interviews.

So what do you think it was, a strange coincidence or the will of fate?

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