Woman Who Lost Memory After Being Hit By NYPD Car To Re-Marry Husband She Couldn't Remember

Date May 31, 2018

Angela Sartin-Hartung has no memory of waking up from her medically induced coma in 2013, but she remembers one strange man who wasn’t leaving her side.

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The mystery man turned out to be her second husband, Jeffrey Hartung. They wedded in 2000 after Angela’s first husband passed away.

At first, Angela, who was sure it’s still 1988, she’s married to her first husband, and her kids are 2 and 8 years old, thought that he was her doctor. At that time, her youngest child was already a teenager.

55-year-old Sartin-Hartung lost a huge portion of her memory after being struck by an NYPD traffic enforcement car that didn't have its lights on when she was crossing the street.

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When she finally opened her eyes after the coma and looked at Hartung, she bombarded him with questions, not remembering the beloved face:

She didn't know who I was. She looked at me like, 'Who are you? What are you doing here? Where's my husband? My kids?'

But Hurting didn’t give up and made his wife fall in love with him again. He said:

I'm in the business of re-building and creating new memories for her.

After the accident, the couple moved back to Tulsa and wants to renew their vows. Angela decided to do it because she wishes to remember getting married to Jeffrey.

Even if crossing the street seems like a thoughtless process, it can be very dangerous. Remember to cross only on designated crosswalks, initiate a pedestrian signal button if available, and walk only when the correct signal comes on. Stay safe!

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