Adorable Girl Bursts Into Tears Because She Wasn't Invited To Royal Wedding: "Am I Not A Real Princess?"

Date May 24, 2018 17:08

Since it was dubbed as the most anticipated wedding of the year, it’s no wonder millions of people watched the royal nuptials on May 19. Those living in the United Kingdom had a unique opportunity to go to Windsor to see the newlyweds themselves.


Other 24 million U.K. residents watched the wedding from the comfort of their own home. Pretty impressive, considering it’s more than a third of the country’s population, isn’t it?


What is more, 29 million Americans tuned in to watch the ceremony across 15 different cable and broadcast networks. And we don’t even add up all the viewers from other countries!


Surely, many U.K. residents wanted to score an invite. But we’re sure that no one was as upset as 5-year-old Lola from Belfast.

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As Ashlee Brown was making dinner, her daughter asked where her dress for Meghan’s wedding was. This was the point the mom realized Lola was convinced she was going to the nuptials.

As it turned out, there was a little misunderstanding. The girl was invited to a school tea party where the kids celebrated the marriage. But Lola thought she was going to attend the wedding itself.

Now, imagine the girl’s shock and disbelief! She burst down in tears, crying:

Are you just joking me? I don't know what you mean!

The mom tried to explain that only princes and princesses made the guest list. And her daughter’s reaction was adorable:

Am I not a real princess?

Ashley quickly corrected herself by saying that Lola was her mommy and daddy’s princess. Eventually, the 5-year-old agreed that Meghan did not invite her because she did not know her.

But there was one woman who got lucky on that special day. Meghan spotted her old drama teacher, Gigi Perreau, in the crowd, and she was even heard saying "Oh my God!"

The beautiful moment is captured in the clip below.

It’s no surprise the teacher looked thrilled to be recognized by her former student.

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