Remember Dahm Triplets Who Announced A Triple Pregnancy? All Three Gave Birth To Daughters And They All Are Grown-Up Now!

Date October 29, 2018 09:42

In 2009 the Dahm triplets astonished the entire world by confessing about their pregnancies. Since genetics is a rather interesting science, the doctors decided to check up on them and find out whether each of sister would have triples on their owns.  

'The Doctors'

During the show, doctors made 3D ultra-sound to all 3 girls to check the gender of their babies and to find out if it'd be one baby or triplets as well.


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Erica's husband himself has a lot of twins and triples in his family tree, and he made a joke about running own basketball team if his wife had multiples.

But it turned out that Nicole, Erica & Jaclyn would have just one daughter each. Well, that's a relief!

Admittedly, there was a very high possibility for all of them to get twins or triples sooner or later according to a fertility specialist, but sisters now have 2 kids (girl and boy) each.


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Let's look at their children now!


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Well, the whole family seems big enough! Just imagine if triples gave birth to other multiples! It'd be like the entire Indian population!


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Just look at these cuties! Why shouldn't they be, huh? Both parents are in love, and kids are totally rocking the world!


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Different DNA

In March 2017, Dahm triples decided to take a DNA test hoping nothing would differ since they are identical. it true?

During the Doctors show, there were several reveals. 

The first, logically, stated that they were identical triplets. Even their fingerprints are so similar that they could trick technology systems.

The second was rather odd. Their genetic background was wholly different! For example, Erica was only 16% British and Irish whereas Nicole was 18%.

The third exam was conducted based on German and French origin. Again, the results were shocking. Nicole was 11%, but her other sisters had much higher: Erica - 22.3% and Jaclyn - 18%.

And finally, the fourth was based on Scandinavian heritage. Things got even weirder. While Jaclyn and Erica's heritage was identical (7.4%), Nicole received 11.4%. 

How? How can it be even possible? They are identical triplets after all!

Okay, relax. Take a chill pill. 

The doctors referred to the lack of saliva accuracy since sisters made this analysis in a home environment. But it's still shocking!


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Well, genetic is a crazy but exciting thing! The Dahm triplets have remained their unusual place in society with their appearances, activities, and families. 

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