This Boy Is Only 2 Years Old And He Is Already A Chef!

Date October 17, 2018 18:40

Kids, kids, kids - when will you stop enrapturing us?

Love to cooking

Two-year-old little cutie, Roman Belville, a citizen of South Bend, Indiana, stole the millions of hearts with one incredible thing: his passion for cooking. Yes, exactly, he loves to prepare food at the age of 2. Crazy, isn't it?




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Ayla Belville, Roman's mother, confesses to PEOPLE about her son being attached to the kitchen.

He loves being in the kitchen with me. I’ve always either carried him or some way he’s interacted with me with almost everything I cook.




As everything happens out of the blue, Ayla, 30, a committed YouTube blogger, wanted to record something out of routine. She made up her mind about making a video of her toddler son baking a cake.

He started talking to the camera already. He was like, ‘Hey, guys! We’re baking cake! I’m so excited!’ So I was like, ‘I’ll just turn it on and let him do it. We’ll just see how it goes.’ 




Gosh, it sounds a bit out of the truth for us, but you'll be shocked after what we are going to say. Roman has now his corner. No lies!

Roman's Cooking Corner amassed roughly 500.000 views! The parents stated that the kid knows he's the star and people watch his cooking skills with pleasure.

Any time he meets new people, the first thing he says to them is, ‘Did you see my cake video? Did you see my pizza video?’ Lately he’s been saying, ‘Did you see me on the news?’ He doesn’t know how popular he is, but he knows that people are seeing [his videos].

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Honestly, we'd like to taste his pizza one day, no exaggerations.

Melting hearts and crying eyes

Another baby star

Well, this new genius is not Roman Baby-Chef Belville, but just check out how a 16-month-old little boy reads games.

The world will never stop giving such bright babies, who are going to rock once they're grown-ups. Well, they already rocked, but you know what we mean!  

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