Typical (Or Not) Church Choir Performance Enters The Whole New Level Called 'Meow'

Date October 18, 2018 17:15

Have you been in the position of watching something, and the situation gets out of expectancy, and you're like "What on the earth is that?"

That's the precise way we felt when we bumped into this odd church choir performance. Boys didn't sing; they were confidently meowing.

It was like "My Lord, I am not in the mood to sing as usually. Plan B, guys!"

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While we are here out of words, Hyacinthe de Moulins & Regis Mengus have become famous opera singers. Way to go, boys, way to go!

You can see how Mr. Mengus has transformed over the years and got a real voice instead of outstanding meow.


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Another weird church choir show

If you thought that the previous performance is the only one, you're wrong. You'll be surprised to find out that weird church choir shows are sort of a mainstream nowadays. Here's one of them, enjoy!

We genuinely have no idea whether it's a real thing to perform this way or people just want to spice it up, but the fact that it induces a smile is the total truth.

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