Silver-Eyed Girl With Serious Disease Was Adopted By A Kind Couple: She Made A Miraculous Recovery In Their Loving Care

Date August 8, 2019

Congenital glaucoma is also known as pediatric or infantile glaucoma. It is often diagnosed in babies within the first year of their birth and young children. This rare disease is either inherited or caused by underdevelopment of the eye’s drainage system in the womb.

This condition can lead to increased intraocular pressure, which ultimately damages the optic nerve. Early symptoms may include abnormally large eyes, cloudiness of the cornea, and sensitivity to light.

Kindness heals!

In 2016, Chris and Eryn Austin from Georgia adopted Primrose from a Chinese orphanage. The couple was determined to give her a loving family as she suffered from the rare disease.

Further tests revealed that she had 6p25 deletion syndrome which resulted in eye disabilities, strange brain structure, lack of muscle tone and other issues.

Primrose started to cry 16 hours a day and lost appetite completely due to excruciating pain. Her plight baffled the specialists until an MRI report showed how severed her optic nerves were. Surgeons got consent from Chris and Eryn to remove the optic tissue from both her eyes, leaving the sockets empty.

The girl progressed beyond their expectations. She will soon get shells with painted eyes as doctors continue to address the source of her distresses. Her mother told Caters News:

It was a miracle, two days after she was standing up for the first time in months, was smiling and has made progress in other areas. It’s like a whole new world is coming and it feels really good and positive, we think we will see a lot of changes in her.

Primrose has two siblings

The compassionate pair has two other children as well. Their daughter Madelyn is the eldest and their son River comes second. Primrose is surrounded by a family who loves her to bits. She is learning the sign language to communicate and soon, they all will bond beyond just touching and sensing.

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