Expert Dad Shows How It's Done! He Super Efficiently Tucks His Triplet Babies And Cute Toddler In Bed

Date October 10, 2018 16:13

What's the second most adorable thing in the world after chubby babies? Their handsome dads handling them.

The real fun begins when the mommies are not around. The dads polish their skills of parenting while adding bundles of adventure to their kids' routine. Go on and witness the sweet struggles of fatherhood!

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Super dad vs baby gang

These sugarplums are giving a hard time to their dad while getting ready for bedtime. They are adorably slipping and chucking over their clothes. But the dad, Dan Gibson is surely not a quitter as he thought to himself; Challenge accepted, kiddos!

Triplets and his toddler daughter run away from him with their baby legs. However, the pro dad, after several tries, triumphs over the naughties and tucks them in bed. Mommy would surely be proud. Maybe she was the one who told her darling husband to show us all how it's done!

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People reactions

Social media users were stunned, how smoothly the handsome dad does his job in the end. They left sugary compliments and love!

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Making the headlines

The clip blew this family to fame and made them viral overnight. Now the family has their own Facebook page with millions of fans. The parents of 4, explained to The Today News,

Our normal house routine is as crazy as it looks in the video.

Although they have been contacted by numerous media agencies, they refused to officially hit any television broadcasts. The diligent parents only want to focus on their beautiful kids.

Who knew there is a fun side to exhaustion of caretaking the babies! Share if their candid footage pumped up your parenthood spirit!

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