This Mom Had The Perfect Response To A Nurse Who Body Shamed Her Daughter In Front Of Her

Date October 2, 2018 10:24

Today, it is commonplace to see teens body shamed, simply because they have increased in size a little more than their peers. Perpetrators of this act are usually peers, some adults, and even friends on social media. However, should a health professional also take part in body shaming? Shouldn’t a health professional be the best person to know not to body shame a person for their weight?

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Women who were fat shamed as kids are more likely to be obese

In a 15 year longitudinal study by Rebecca Puhl, et al. (2017), it was found out that women who were bullied or body shamed because of their weight while they were adolescents, turned out to be obese later in life. The study was started while these women were in their adolescent years and 15 years later, they were each contacted.

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This goes to show the effects of body shaming among women and why it needs to be stopped.

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Nurse body shames girl, mom fights back

Julie Venn, Riley's mother, was taken aback when a nurse practitioner asked her daughter, ”How do you explain all this weight you have gained.”

In a Facebook post by Mother of Tweens and Teens, Julie Venn described how she had just taken her daughter for her regular check at the hospital when the nurse practitioner asked a series of questions. All aimed at trying to check if Riley was balancing school with extracurricular activities very well. Then, she asked about Riley’s weight.

According to Julie Venn, those sorts of questions are wrong because young girls already go through a lot trying to be a perfect picture of what they saw on social media.

She said:

They are flooded with images of perfection via television, youtube, FB, Instagram, and Snapchat. Their whole freaking lives have a filter on them!!

Julie Venn also emphasized that young girls do not need to be pressured about their weight gain, as this was the reason why people ended up with anorexia.

Raising resilient kids in a fat-shaming world

Today, children have to grow up in a world that has suddenly become twice as body conscious as before.

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According to Damiano, et al. (2015), this is because of media exposure and appearance conversations. However, there are ways in which you can raise your children so that they grow up without the schema of body shaming built in them.

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  1. Have a positive self-image: The one way in which kids learn is by what they see you do. If a parent lacks a positive self-image, the child will have problems as well.
  2. Talk to them about their bodies: This is important. Parents need to help their children understand their bodies by talking to them regularly.
  3. Focus on being healthy: Instead of focusing on weight gain or weight loss, parents need to focus on living healthy. Children should be spoken to about the importance of being healthy at every point in time of their lives.

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