That Smile! 4-Month-Old Baby Tries To Sing Along To A Mesmerizing Rendition Of Karen Carpenter's Song

Date June 27, 2019 11:27

Karen Carpenter was an absolute musical gift to the entire world. Not only did she possessed the hypnotizing voice, she also used to write lyrics that touched our souls.


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The gifted singer was sadly taken away from us at a young age of 32, but her songs and voice continue to enchant us through decades.

Even the youngest of us can't resist Carpenter's gift, and we have found probably the cutest video to prove it.

Little angel mesmerized by Karen Carpenter's song

4-month-old Adler was introduced to Karen Carpenter's when a family friend paid him a visit and share a gift of song. The video was shared by the boy's father and it's a sight to behold.

Little angel had the most blissful smile as the woman sang Karen's beautiful words. Lovely voice, we must add! But our eyes was glued to the baby, who even attempted to sing along, you can actually see his lips moving. So cute!

People online are enchanted

Everyone who stumbled upon the video was left speechless and couldn't deny how beautiful it was.

@Saint Aqua:

What a gorgeous voice and that baby's smile is just beautiful.

@Johnathan Schneller:

Amazing voice, vibe, and experience. Made me briefly forget about all the mess and noise of this world. Thank you to all involved


Baby's eyes project Love in the purest way! Beautiful.

@Deborah Smith:

Beautiful voice and beautiful baby, you melted my heart ❤️❤️

@Dave Webster:

That warms my heart , what a beautiful babes..destined to lighten our lives ...Wow

@Kathya Simpson:

The little child's eyes were full of innocence and joy. The lady' s voice was beautiful.

@Turae Allie:

This baby is sooo adorable...and I love love love this lady's voice..Karen carpenter...classic..this warmed my ❤️

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