"God Will Take Care Of Me": Parents Allowed Their 4-Year-Old Daughter To Choose Between Heaven And Hospital

Date October 2, 2018 10:27

What to do if a child is suffering and just wants the pain to end? One family faced this question, and their decision might not sit well with many people.

4-year-old decides to die on her own terms

Michelle Moon first became worried about her daughter, Julianna Snow, when she was only 9 months old. Little Julianna couldn't sit properly, when most children begin to walk.


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Doctors couldn't say if something was wrong with Julianna and though she was just a slow developer. But Michelle knew in her heart that her daughter is only going to get worse.

Around the time Julianna turned 2, she couldn't help without a walker, and doctors finally discovered she was suffering from Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease, a neurodegenerative illness. Her nerves were sending weak impulses to nerves, which affected Julianna's motor functions.

There was no cure. What started with the inability to walk, progressed into labored breathing. In addition, her chewing and swallowing muscles got too weak, so Julianna had to be fed through a tube.


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Time went by, Julianna turned 4 years old and visits to the hospital had become overwhelming. Because Julianna couldn't cough and breathe properly, the mucus was setting in her lungs causing pneumonia.


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Each time Julianna was in critical condition, doctors were able to save her by performing nasotracheal suctioning, an excruciating procedure for a child to endure.

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Finally, doctors told the little girl's parents there's no way of treating her. She would have to go through terrible treatments, but they wouldn't let her live long.

Michelle's heart sank at the thought of her child suffering through her last moments, so she sat down with Julianna to ask her what she wants. Michelle shared their talk in her personal blog:

Michelle: Julianna, if you get sick again, do you want to go to the hospital again or stay home?
Julianna: Not the hospital.
Michelle: Even if that means that you will go to heaven if you stay home?
Julianna: Yes.

Little Julianna was so exhausted with by her illness, she decided she'd rather go to heaven. 4-year-old wasn't scared, because she just wanted peace:

God will take care of me. He's in my heart.

Mixed reactions on social media

This story raised a lot of debates on whether it's ethical to let a 4-year-old child make a life and death decisions. 

Regardless of people's opinions, the most important thing is that Julianna doesn't suffer anymore, and heaven got another beautiful angel.

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