A Mom Was Horrified To Discover Black Mold Lurking In Her Children's Lunchboxes, And Warns Parents

Date August 31, 2018 17:24

All parents strive to provide their children with healthy meals and make sure kidds go to school with some good food in their lunchboxes. Often kids aren't happy with the contents of their lunch simply because they would prefer to see more tasty snacks, but we all know healthy and nutritious meals are the most important.

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Of course there's always an option to buy lunch provided by the school, but statistics have shown that 84% of kids prefer to take food from home.

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While you can always control what you put in your child's lunchbox, sometimes its contents can hold an unpleasant surprise, as one concerned mother warns.

Terrible discovery

One day, Grace Bollen was washing her children's lunchboxes like any other day. She noticed a little black spot in the corner of one of the containers, which prompted her to open its sealed bottom. Grace couldn't believe her eyes when she found black mold all over the insides of her kids' lunchboxes.

She wrote on her Facebook post:

I’m absolutely appalled. I feel awful that my children have been eating lunch out of these. 

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Bollen explained that she thoroughly washes the containers every night and leaves them open to dry, so there is no way this could've been the result of poor washing technique. She added that the blue lunchbox has been in use for 9 months and green for 12.

Grace urged other moms to get rid of the lunchboxes, which don't allow you to clean every part of them and warned to be careful.

How to properly wash a lunchbox

There are ways you can ensure that you or your kids are always eating from a clean container:

1. Wash the lunchbox right after eating.

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2. Take any leftovers immediately after getting home, don't let them sit.

3. Stick to the non-leaky containers.

4. Wash them daily.

5. Leave them open to dry.

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Follow these instructions and eat fresh and clean every day.

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