Woman Blessed With Little Miracle Despite Going Through Premature Menopause At 13 Years Old

Date September 17, 2018

When Amanda Lewis was just 13 years old, she received a horrifying diagnosis – doctors told her that she was already going through premature menopause.

It was a complete shock for Amanda's family as she'd just barely began having her period, when she suddenly started experiencing menopause symptoms.

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Amanda recalls gaining weight very rapidly, having hot flashes, and not being able to control her emotions. When her mother found her crying uncontrollably on the floor the family knew something was definitely wrong.

Doctors couldn't explain why Amanda's ovaries were shutting down, but they knew it couldn't be stopped and she wouldn't be able to have children.

As a young girl, Amanda was devastated by the diagnosis. However, as she got older, she became determined to become a mother - no matter what.

The road to her miracle

When Amanda met her partner Tom Hill, the couple knew they were ready to do anything to have a baby together. And they did!

Amanda found out it was possible, but only through difficult hormonal therapy and using a donor egg.

Doctors were able to combine the donor's egg with Tom's sperm and successfully insert the embryo in Amanda's womb. Luckily, the hormonal therapy was successful, and she was healthy enough to carry a baby to full term.

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After many hopeless years, Amanda finally got her baby boy. Words can't describe her job. She told The Sun:

The fact that I have been able to be pregnant and now have a baby is a miracle. I love being a mum and I’m really excited for our future with Oryn.

Amanda never gave up on her dream, and we're overjoyed to see her finally reach her heart's desire. 

What can cause premature menopause?

While Amanda's case of premature menopause was unexplained, some possible causes of the condition include:

1. Genetic history.

2. Lifestyle (smoking, excessive weight, inactive lifestyle, etc.)

3. Chromosome defects.

4. Autoimmune diseases.

5. Epilepsy.

Amanda Lewis menopauseChinnapong /

But as we can see from Amanda Lewis' example, premature menopause doesn't have to be the end, there's always hope for a miracle.

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