They Were Married For Only 6 Weeks Before He Got Shipped Off To War And Was Reported As Missing. 68 Years Later, She Learns The Truth

Date August 10, 2018 10:13

The Second World War took lives of millions of people. According to the National WWII Museum statistics, more than 60 million people were killed, which was about 3% of the 1940 world population. As a result, families were separated, and some people still don’t know what happened with their relatives during that horrible period.


Around 74 years ago, Gen. Dwight Eisenhower gave the last order for the invasion of Normandy. Among US citizens who fought to liberate France in the months ahead was 1st Lt. Billie Harris.

Since that time, Peggy Harris never heard about her husband Billie. Nobody knocked at her door, nobody sent her any telegram, and nobody called her.

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The couple was married only six weeks before Billie was shipped off to war. He has never returned from his last mission over Nazi-occupied northern France back in 1944.

Of course, Peggy was looking for her husband, but every time she got different responses. Initially, he was declared as the missing person. She received the mail saying he had been killed and buried at a certain cemetery, then the other mail saying he was buried at a different cemetery. After some time, she was told that maybe those weren't his remains at all. /

Billie's cousin, Alton Harvey, decided to reveal the mystery and kept on requesting Billie's military records. As a result, his grave was found in Normandy, France.

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Since learning the truth, Peggy has been sending flowers 10 times a year. Now, Billie’s grave is the most decorated grave in Normandy.

People didn’t forget what 1st Lt. Billie Harris did for them. In the small Normandy town of Les Ventes, the main road is called Place Billie D. Harris. Here, townspeople are marching down several times a year to commemorate his sacrifice.

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CBS News / YouTube

What a touching story!