Shocking Family Transition: Mother Of 5 Comes Out As A Man After Her Only Son Becomes A Girl

Date September 27, 2018 11:00

We all are human, and we are all equal. Unfortunately, not everybody agrees with this statement. A lot of people are treated differently in their daily life because they have another skin color, religion, belief, sexual orientation etc.

According to the information from the Think Progress, 41% of transgender and gender non-conforming people have attempted suicide. They face discrimination every day, and sometimes their life becomes a nightmare. Nevertheless, it doesn’t stop people from becoming who they really are, and to live a happy life.

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And we know some wonderful story that can prove that. Mother of 5 wonderful kids managed to come out as a man, and her son became a girl.

Erica Maison is a married Detroit mother of five children, who decided to transform herself into a man named Eric. It happened four years after her only son, Corey, came out as a transgender girl. Moreover, the husband was totally okay with such major transformations in their family.

During the interview with Australia's 60 Minutes, Eric’s husband, Les, said:

I'm glad that it's finally happening. I've been hearing this since shortly after we got married: 'I hate this (pointing to chest). I wish I could just chop this off'.

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By the way, Les claims he is still in love with the person he fell in love with as a woman. Eric said the transformation was his dream for many years:

I had no idea why I hated my body so much. I had no idea why I felt so ashamed of my body.

Eric was inspired by son’s decision to come out and to become a girl. Corey said:

I'm still gonna call her mom until she wants me to call her dad. I'm gonna miss her doing my hair and stuff...

After the transition, both feel comfortable in their new bodies. They are truly happy, and that is what matters.

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