"I Love Her Uniqueness And I Would Never Want To Change Her": Woman Talks About Her Daughter's Rare Pfeiffer Syndrome

Date October 19, 2018

Parent’s love is one of the strongest ones, as they accept all child’s peculiarities and love their kids no matter what. Of course, raising a child is not easy, especially when it comes to raising a special kid. But unconditional love can ruin all obstacles.

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What is Pfeiffer syndrome?

According to the MedicineNet, Pfeiffer syndrome is a genetic disorder that results in abnormalities of the skull and facial bones as well as changes in the fingers and toes. There is no specific treatment for this syndrome, and necessary steps are directed at improving the individual's symptoms.

Halle’s story

Amber Thibault’s daughter, Halle, was born with the Pfeiffer syndrome. When Halle was born, she was immediately transported to the hospital for respiratory problems. Amber’s husband was the first one who saw the newborn. The woman remembers his first impression in the interview with the Love What Matters:

My husband finally walked through the door and said, ‘She’s not normal.’ What was that supposed to mean? He told me her ears were very low and her head was kind of cone shaped, like if I had given birth vaginally. I didn’t care what was wrong with her, I just wanted to see her.

But when Amber has first seen her child, she was truly amazed by how beautiful she was:

When I saw her, I thought to myself, ‘She is so beautiful.’ I didn’t care that she looked different. She was my baby and I loved her. How could you not love that sweet and innocent little face? Until we got the diagnosis that is.

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Of course, everything is not easy, and Halle had certain difficulties with the health. But Amber managed to find their perfect doctor, who is doing his best to make the girl’s life easier. The woman claims she would not change her girl, as she loves her so much.

All I see is beauty when I look at my daughter and nothing will ever change that. I love her uniqueness and I would never want to change her. Her differences make her who she is and she’s absolutely wonderful.


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Other cases

Of course, this little girl is not the only one with the Pfeiffer syndrome. This wonderful guy, Leo, is another child with this syndrome.

The 6-years-old Abby has a regular life like everyone else: she enjoys swimming, reading, and playing outside.

Mia from South Carolina is another little patient with the Pfeiffer syndrome.

Amber Thibault proved to be an amazing and loving mother, who loves her child no matter what. Together they are strong, and will achieve all goals!

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