Newborn Graduate: Baby With 2 Percent Chance To Live Graduates NICU In Cap And Gown

Date September 6, 2018

The average pregnancy lasts for around 40 weeks. Nevertheless, some children come to this world earlier. In many cases, they are born at the extremely low birth weight and need treatment with oxygen and mechanical assistance to help them breathe. Also, very premature babies have high chances of having serious lasting disabilities.

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Nevertheless, this baby proved to be a real fighter. After spending 160 days in the neonatal intensive care unit, Cullen Potter had a real graduation ceremony at the University of South Alabama Children's and Women's Hospital in Alabama.

The 5-months-old baby has graduated from NICU and now is ready for the new life with the family. Cullen Potter is still so tiny that his mother had to get the cap and gown from a local Build-A-Bear store.

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On the video, the nurse is carrying Cullen through the hospital, and we can hear the graduation music played in the background.

In the interview with ABC News, Renee Rogers, the NICU's nurse manager, said:

Our families spend a lot of time here and we become family with each other. When it’s time to go home, it’s emotional not just for the families but for the staff as well.

We hope that you will have a wonderful life, Cullen!

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