John McCain's Daughter Moved Up Her Wedding So Her Father Could Witness The Day Before He Died

Date August 27, 2018 17:25

Like most women, Meghan McCain looked forward to being walked down the aisle by her father. And when it looked like he would not make it, she knew she had to do something.


McCain's passing

President John McCain passed away on Saturday, August 25, at his home, in Arizona. Before his passing, he suffered from a malignant brain tumor, glioblastoma, which he periodically treated with radiation and chemotherapy.

He died soon after declaring that he would no longer be undergoing treatment. He was 81.


He got to witness his daughter's wedding

Sen. John McCain lived for memorable family moments, and he was lucky to share a very special one with his daughter. 

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Meghan McCain, his daughter, tied the knot with Ben Domenech on November 21, and the bride was very happy her dad got to be there. While speaking to People at the time, she explained that she focused less on the intricacies of wedding planning but more on ensuring everyone had "a good time."


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Days before the wedding, John McCain tore his Achilles tendon, which meant he would not be able to walk her all the way down the aisle, like Meghan dreamed. But her brother, Jimmy, stepped in to take the day.


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The 29-year-old walked Meghan most of the way down, but it was the Senator who gave the bride away at the very end.

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Meghan's mom, Cindy, shared the importance of such a fantastic family moment. She told People:

She was very calm and very positive. The day was here and her dad was here, which was the most important thing.


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Incidentally, it was Ben's devotion to her during her father's illness that convinced Meghan he was the one. They were actually planning to elope, but her father's diagnosis gave her a new perspective, and she knew John McCain should definitely be there for her big day.


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As a result of his condition, they decided to push up the wedding. Even though her father was doing well at the time, they knew the cancer was unpredictable.

You’re really just living scan to scan. I wanted to make sure that he was — that we were all — there. Why wait?

Meghan and Ben

The pair finally got married in Arizona, in November last year. It sure seemed like a beautiful ceremony, judging from these photos below, shared by the happy bride.


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"My shelter from the storm – when life keeps throwing curveball after curveball..." Meghan said in the caption to one of the photos.


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Even though her father's death must have been another massive curveball, we bet Ben will be there for her every step of the way.

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