Congratulations! The Suleman Kids, The World's First Surviving Set Of Octuplets, Turned 10 Years Old

Date March 28, 2019 15:30

In 2009, a woman named Natalie Suleman made history. On January 26 that year, Natalie gave birth to the world's first surviving set of octuplets.


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How the story started

The babies – two girls and six boys – were conceived through IVF. They were an addition to an already big family: Natalie already had six children, all of them conceived through IVF.


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The mom has been called a hero by many, but she’s also had to endure tons of abusive comments. Tabloid press and online critics accused Natalie of giving birth to octuplets with the sole purpose of attracting attention and living on welfare, and many called her a ‘freeloader’ and even worse things, which are too offensive to be quoted here.


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Natalie’s fertility doctor, who went against medical guidelines, was stripped of his medical license for gross negligence.


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Natalie’s family criticized her for the decision to have that many kids. The mom herself started having doubts about whether she would be able to raise all fourteen of her children. On top of that, she was a single mom! But she was determined to prove everyone wrong…

The Suleman family now

Fast forward to ten years. How do you think Natalie and her kids are doing? They are doing great!


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The octuplets turned 10 this year, and Natalie spoke on Saturday Night, revealing how life is now for the big family.

She said: “My kids are my life. My life revolves around them.”


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Speaking about the kids: they are healthy, happy, and excel in school and sports. They are also incredibly disciplined (how in the world does Natalie manage that?!).


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Now that the media frenzy has subsided, the family lives a calm and simple life. The kids have a fixed daily routine and help their mom around the house. The octuplets’ older siblings also help Natalie a lot.


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So, how does Natalie do as a mom-of-14? You be the judge.

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