Starving Orphan Boy Who Weighed Only 8 Pounds At 7 Years Old Makes A Miraculous Recovery

Date October 8, 2018

The average weight for a boy at 7 years old is 50 pounds. But imagine a child who weighs only 8 pounds at that age! You wouldn’t be able to look at him without tears. Nonetheless, the healing power of love changed his life completely, giving him a new chance at happiness.

Incredible recovery

The 33-year-old mom from Tennessee, Priscilla Morse, knew she had to rescue little Ryan when she saw him. The first time she met the boy in a Bulgarian orphanage, she was in shock. The 7-year-old child looked like a skeleton. He weighed only 8 pounds and his whole body was covered with hair, which is a sign of malnutrition.

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Morse, who was adopted as a child herself, thought that Ryan deserves a family, so she decided to give him a new home. The woman was worried thinking that the boy might not survive the trip from Bulgaria to the U.S. but, luckily, he made it back to her in 2015.

Morse and her husband took the boy straight to the doctors, who burst into tears when they saw him, saying he is probably going to die. They discovered that Ryan had the refeeding syndrome, which made it difficult for the little boy to digest nutrients, and a number of other diseases, including cerebral palsy and scoliosis. The boy was also non-verbal.

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But despite the doctors’ predictions, with time Ryan started to get better physically. Even though it will take years for him to recover from the phycological damage, he has managed to gain 15 pounds in the last 13 months. He goes to school now and continues to make a progress.

People reacted to Ryan’s story on social media

Having a loving family helped the dying little boy to turn into a happy kid, who has a hope now. Morse urges people not to write off children with special needs because they deserve to be loved, too.

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