Father Of 7 Who Recently Lost His Wife Breaks Into Tears After Getting A Surprise From Secret Santa

Date December 24, 2018 16:53

A Secret Santa lightened up the life of one family in Idaho that has been having an incredibly difficult year. Dakota Nelson lost his wife earlier this year when she suddenly collapsed on the ground outside their home.

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She passed away at just 38 years olds leaving Dakota to raise their 7 children, who are aged from 1 to 16, all by himself.

Her death came as a total shock for Nelson, who has been working at three part-time jobs to take care of his family. But the Christmas miracle knocked on Dakota’s door. The young widower received a surprising gift from a Secret Santa - family a staggering $10,000.

Nelson was left speechless from the selfless act. He couldn’t hold back tears as he asked with shaking voice:

Who do I thank?

But as the gift was anonymous, Dakota can give thanks to a Secret Santa.

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Social media is overwhelmed with emotions

People on social media couldn’t hold their tears too. Gabriella Michael commented:

This is the saddest story ever I’m just speechless. And can’t even imagine how hard it is for him and the children without a wife and a mother. Thank you secret Santa! And God bless that family and all.

Brian Tega and Lorrie Ruff admired Dakota’s strength whilst Ray Martinez and Ana Loza sent their blessings for his family.

The Travel Guy reassured that the life will get better, saying:

Good people still exist. God bless you, sir and your entire family. (Your well-behaved children are a testament to the home that you and your late wife provided and filled with love, joy and respect.) It gets better for you and that's a promise.

 How to cope with the loss of a loved one?

Father Of 7 Who Recently Lost His Wife Breaks Into Tears After Getting A Surprise From Secret SantaGlebSStock /

Losing someone you love is an extremely hard thing to deal with. But how to stay strong just like Dakota and cope with your grief in a healthy way?

  • welcome your emotions and allow yourself to feel what you are feeling, even if it’s not pleasant because suppressing emotions will only do you worth in the long term;
  • don’t close down and talk to the people who are close to you about your loss as simply having someone who can listen can be very helpful;
  • release your emotions in a creative way – it could be anything, including a poem, a photo album, an essay, a drawing or even a whole novel.

If you find that you can’t deal with the pain, join a support group or seek professional help. Remember, whatever you feel is normal, so give yourself some time to wallow and then slowly return to your normal life when you feel like you are ready.

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