McDonald's Worker Gave Water To Vomiting Child Who Suffers From Cancer - Then Demanded Money For It

Date October 9, 2018

Lola has been suffering from acute lymphoblastic leukemia since she was born but was only diagnosed with the disease in January. Since that time the 7-year-old has been going through an "intense chemotherapy" and doesn’t feel hungry too often.

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But when the girl asked her mother, Beth King, to visit McDonald's, the woman couldn’t say no. King took Lola and her other daughter, 5-year-old Stella, to the restaurant in Wallasey.

While the girls were eating their meal, Lola started feeling unwell and began vomiting, which might have been caused by the chemotherapy she had at that morning. The cleaner came over with a bottle of water as the girl can’t drink it from the tap. But the worried mom was furious when the cleaner returned later asking her to pay £1.29 for it.

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Beth went to the counter, demanding to speak with the manager while people in the queue offered to pay for the bottle themselves, discussed by the staff’s actions.

However, many social media users think the mother should have paid for the water.

Is tap water that bad for you?

Most people in the US drink a glass of tap water every day. However, scientific studies showed that it may have some health risks. Tap water contains industrial or agricultural contaminants which are connected to cancer and many other health issues.

How can Americans protect themselves? It is vital to make sure that citizens and their families are drinking the cleanest water possible. There are many types of filters made to remove or reduce specific contamination, which can be found on EWG’s Water Filter Guide.

McDonald's Worker Gave Water To Vomiting Child Who Suffers From Cancer - Then Demanded Money For ItYuri Samsonov /

Safe drinking water shouldn’t be a privilege, it is a human right.

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