Young Girl Trapped In Her Body With Only A 5% Chance Of Survival Wakes Up After Hearing Her Mom Play The Piano

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November 6, 2018 15:21 By Fabiosa

Neurological disorders can strike unexpectedly, and Locked In Syndrome is one of them. This rare disorder leaves a person completely paralyzed. The only thing they can move is their eyes. People with this syndrome are conscious and awake, but they can’t move or speak.

Young Girl Trapped In Her Body With Only A 5% Chance Of Survival Wakes Up After Hearing Her Mom Play The PianoPressmaster /

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What could be more terrifying for a mother than to see her bright young child, with a promising future ahead of her, suddenly fade away while knowing that she is trapped in her own body? But sometimes, miracles happen when you least expect them.

A ray of hope

13-year-old Miranda Meldrum was a talented singer, but her life hit the brakes when she suffered a rare brain hemorrhage that nearly killed her. The girl suddenly lost her hearing, started experiencing severe headaches, and couldn’t move her arms. She was taken to a hospital, where top surgeons fought to save her life.

But the life-saving operation left Miranda, now 14, with Locked In Syndrome. A smart, young girl was trapped inside her paralyzed body. The doctors were not optimistic, giving Miranda only a 5% chance to recover from her disheartening state.

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However, Miranda’s mother, Stella, was not ready to give up on her daughter. Instead, she started playing the piano by Miranda's hospital bed in the hope that the music would stimulate Miranda’s muscles and help her to control her body again.

And the miracle happened. Doctors were amazed to see the girl begin to move her eyes and arms, and even start to speak. Moreover, she sang along to her mom’s melody.

As Miranda learns to walk again, people are showing their support

Miranda is on the long road to recovery. She's expected to return to school soon and resume her singing lessons.

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