Miracle Or Undiagnosed Condition? Parents Thought Their 6-Year-Old Son Couldn’t Speak Until The Dentist Found Why

Date October 1, 2018

The Taxes family’s life completely changed after a simple visit to the dentist. 6-year-old Mason Motz has suffered from speech delays his whole life. The boy was born with Sotos Syndrome, a disorder that is characterized by delayed development of mental abilities and overgrowth in childhood.

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The family thought Mason’s speech difficulties were because of his disorder. But when the boy went to Dr. Amy Luedemann-Lazar’s office to get teeth pulled, the dentist noticed a different problem.

As it turned out, Mason was tongue-tied, which means his tongue wasn’t fully separated from the bottom of the mouth. A short laser procedure was able to fix the tongue-tie and within hours he was able to speak in full sentences.

Mason’s dad, Dalan Motz, commented:

He’s got a vocabulary now. He’s able to put together letters and words.

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The family praises Dr. Luedmann-Lazar, who specializes in treating tongue-tied children and patients with special needs.

The symptoms of tong-tied

Tongue-tie is a condition that can affect the way a child speaks, eats, and swallows. In some cases, it may not cause any issues; in others, it might require a surgical procedure.

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Signs of tongue-tie include:

  • difficulty sticking tongue past the lower front teeth;
  • when the tongue is sticking out, it appears to have a heart shape;
  • trouble moving tongue from side to side or lifting it to the upper teeth.

It is advisable to see a doctor when tongue problems interfere with eating and speaking.

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