"Different Is Not Less": Rory Feek Answers To Those Who Call His Daughter With Down Syndrome "A Mistake" In His Emotional Speach

Date July 22, 2019

Rory Lee Feek is known to the world as a successful American country music singer and songwriter.

He and his late wife, Joey Martin Feek, formed the duo Joey + Rory. The singer has been married twice and has 3 gorgeous daughters: 2 from his first marriage and 1 from his last one.

Feek married Tamara Gilmer on August 3, 1985, but their marriage lasted for only 7 years. In 2002, he married Joey, whom he gave his heart and soul and the one who lost her brave battle with cervical cancer at age 40.

“I feel just as married and just as in love,”

- he said in an interview with CBS Sunday Morning.

“I feel like she’s just as much a part of our life as she was.”

The couple's youngest daughter, Indiana, was diagnosed with Down syndrome the day she was born.

Now the father has more than just single parenthood to face: He must face all the people who claim that his daughter, who was Down syndrome, was a “mistake.”

Rory. however, believes that "God doesn't make mistakes." In his emotional post the proud father said that the little girl is not less than any other child and she is a "gift from heaven."

Moreover, Rory used the $100,000 sent to him by fans following the death of his wife Joey to build a one-room schoolhouse on their farm for Indiana.

Indiana started her first day of school in the new schoolhouse with about a dozen other children. The father believes this school will help to accommodate the educational needs of his special daughter.

He posted a photo of the new school and the students on Instagram, writing,

“… first day of school. Not sure who’s excited the most… the kids, the teachers or me! ”

Feek also called it “a day when something beyond heartbreaking became something beyond beautiful.”

We do hope this school will help Indiana and her new friends to develop into great personalities, who understand that "God makes no mistakes!."