6-Year-Old Girl Secretly Spent $400 From Her Mom’s Amazon Account To Buy Toys: “Her Face Just Says It All!”

Date August 21, 2018

Children of the 21st century know how to move with the times. We are pretty sure that almost every parent had a similar situation when he/she spent hours to figure it out how this particular phone or web app works, while their kids managed to handle the task with no efforts. Do you recognize yourself?

One lady was pretty much surprised about her 6-year-old girl’s Internet skills when she secretly spent $400 from her Amazon account. Any ideas what she could buy?

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Clever kid spent $400 from her mom’s Amazon account

Katelyn Lunt is just 6 years old, but this little girl is smarter than you think.

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One day, her mother, Catherine Lunt, decided to surprise her daughter with a new Barbie. She ordered the doll on Amazon.

Little Katelyn was so excited about the upcoming purchase that asked her mother to check the delivery status on her Amazon account. But the smart girl decided that one single doll wouldn’t be enough for her.

When her mother left the room, the kid ordered dolls, games, and other toys that worth together almost $400.

When a couple of days later, Catherine checked her account, she was surprised to discover the enormous list of playthings that was headed her way.

I saw a few items that I didn’t recognize and I was able to cancel them. But then, as I kept looking, there were two or three pages of items that had already shipped!

The next morning…

When the next day Catherine and her daughter returned back home, they found many boxes on the doorstep. The woman said:

It was hilarious so we had to take pictures. My daughter’s face pretty much says it all!

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However, instead of shipping the boxes back, Catherine decided to show her daughter a lesson in generosity. The woman donated all the toys to a children’s hospital. Well, not all the toys… She allowed Katelyn to keep Barbie she was initially supposed to get.

Cool story, right?

What’s it all about? Benefits of using modern technologies by kids are undeniable, of course. They boost cognitive thinking and problem solving in children, promote early literacy, support fine motor development, etc.

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However, here is a piece of advice to all parents. Pay attention to what your kids search on the web in case you don’t want their findings to cost you a pretty penny.

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