Desperate Mother Accidentally Locked Her 2-Month-Old Baby Inside A Hot Car. To Her Big Surprise, 911 Refused To Send Help

Date August 29, 2018 17:33

Just imagine you have your baby accidentally locked inside a hot car, you call 911 asking for help, but they refuse to rescue your child. Sound like a real nightmare, doesn’t it? But for this mother, the nightmare turned out a reality.

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“Nobody’s coming to help me.”

Lacey Guyton and her 2-month-old daughter, Raina, had been visiting her grandparents in Waterford. It was August, and the weather was pretty hot.

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Lacey put her child in a car seat and left the vehicle when the car door had unexpectedly locked. The mother immediately called 911 and explained the situation.

She said her little daughter was locked inside the hot vehicle and asked to send somebody for the rescue.

To her big surprise, a dispatcher refused to send help.

We don't unlock vehicles… unfortunately.

Lacey was in despair. She grabbed a chunk of asphalt and tried to break the car window. Her attempt failed.

Then, the desperate mother called 911 again and reached the same operator. She explained she couldn’t open the car and couldn’t break the window. But again, the operator’s response was

they will not come.

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Lacey recalled the horrible experience:

I keep checking on my daughter - she's screaming at this point - making herself even more hot. And the dispatcher again tells me we have to call a tow company, they don't come out for that!

Finally, Guyton found a tool to break out the car window and save her daughter.

Later, when Lacey decided to make her story public, the chief of Waterford police apologized to the family and said this was definitely the dispatcher’s mistake.

Thank God, the baby was doing fine. But her mother would definitely never forget this sad story that might end in tragedy.

Warning to all parents!

According to the recent study, around 35-40 children in America annually die of a heatstroke after been left in hot cars.

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Even if it's a cloudy and rainy day, never leave your child unattended in a vehicle. Cars can heat up 20 degrees in 10 minutes.

The first and the most important thing to learn if you see a child alone in a vehicle is to get involved. Call 911 immediately.

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If you see the situation becomes critical, it may be necessary to break one of the windows. In order to avoid troubles with the law, make sure you tell the police of your intentions.

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Dear parents, remember that your children’s wellbeing is in your own hands. Never neglect your role as a parent and keep your kids safe!

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