While Adults Do Nothing To Stop Bullying At Schools, Seventh-Graders Decided To Take The Measures Themselves

Date October 1, 2018

Bullying is a disease of the 21st century. While schools and adults do nothing to stop it, these seventh-graders decided to take the measures themselves.

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“It seems like the school doesn't care."

Da-Qwan Jones, a 7-grade student from the Gildersleeve Middle School, wasn’t afraid to speak out in front of the School Board about the problem that worries him and other students. He spoke about bullying at his school.

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Da-Qwan said that he faces bullying on a daily basis from other children who are stronger than he. The boy had been talking to teachers about this problem and nothing did change.

The 12-year-old boy got emotional during his speech:

I get hurt every day and I have been to my teachers, principals, and counselors, but it gets even worse every day… I want this to stop now because every day, me and others like me feel like hurting ourselves. It seems like the school doesn't care.

Jones’ family members also addressed to the Board asking them for actions. They recalled a recent case in the Woodside High School when a girl took her own life because of bullying. And, of course, this case is not a single one. Similar stories happen on a regular basis across the country.

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Another seventh grader, Elysia Potter, also spoke out during the meeting. The girl said:

I have put myself between bullying to take a stand because no one deserves to be bullied. I know firsthand how bullying feels, and it hurts my heart to see other people get treated that way.

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Bullying at schools: what parents need to know

The problem of bullying at schools is more serious now than ever. Some parents think it would never happen to their child. Sadly, but it could happen to anyone, and it’s alarming.

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The most important is that parents should realize their responsibility and do not blame a school only. Here are some steps to deal in case you think your child may become a victim of bullies:

1. Ask a kid how he/she is doing at school. Pay attention to the kid’s emotions at that moment.

2. Communicate with other parents from your child’s class.

3. Talk to teachers and counselors.

4. Communicate with your child and practice social skills together.

5. If your kid feels reluctant to go to school every single day, it may be an alarming sign.

6. Don’t hesitate to address for a professional help of a child’s psychologist.

If adults close their eyes on the problem of bullying, children have nothing else left to do except for taking the measures themselves. If seventh-graders are not afraid to fight against bullying, we should also follow their brave example.

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