Unacceptable! Mother Faces Backlash From People As Her 7-Year-Old Son Is Transitioning To A Girl

Date September 5, 2019 12:17

A story of a teen boy from Texas transitioning to a girl went viral a couple of years ago. The child was bullied at school and church as most people just couldn’t accept his choice.

Girl in a boy’s body

Meet Kai Shappley, a transgender kid from Texas whose story won’t leave anyone indifferent.

Kai came out publicly before she entered kindergarten. Kai was born as a boy but after a while, she realized she wants to have long, curly hair and wear skirts just like girls do. At this point, her transition journey began.

It was not easy for Kai’s mother, Kimberly, to accept her child’s choice at first. Kimberly is a Christian and her religion doesn’t support such things. Eventually, the woman could accept her daughter’s transition unlike most of the people in their surrounding.

They don’t want to accept my transgender child

Kai was bullied by her classmates who just couldn’t understand the boy’s desire to dress up like a girl. At school, Kai was even banned from the girls’ bathroom.

As the Christians, Kai and Kimberly also faced backlash from the church as people of faith couldn’t accept the transgender kid and her mother. To protect her child, Kimberly decided to raise public awareness about transgender children. She started attending school board meetings and giving speeches.

As a Christian mom to a transgender kid, I couldn’t stand by and let this far right, ultra conservative, Christian man be the mouthpiece for my faith.

The main lesson I’ve learned

After a while, Kimberly moved her family to Austin, Texas, to stop bullies. Kai went to another school there. To her mom’s great joy, her transgender daughter was warmly greeted by a new surrounding.

After this entire backlash she faced as a mother of a transgender child, Kimberly made her mission to speak out openly about her daughter’s story. She attended universities in Texas, spoke at various conferences to share her story with other people.

Kimberly shared the main lesson she’s learned after all of this:

Everything that resulted from our story made one thing very clear — we needed to keep telling it.

We wish little Kai and her wonderful mother Kimberly to enjoy a normal life full of joyful and happy moments. Hopefully, their story will teach other parents to support their kids no matter what.