Magic Trick Brought Military Mom Back! But People Are Criticizing Her For Leaving Kids In The First Place

Date October 22, 2018

Be ready to have some happy tears! This video shows a Navy mother who thoughtfully planned her homecoming surprise for her kids. They had not seen their mom in 333 days.

Her clueless kids, daughter Keilanni, 5, and son Noble, 4, were simply seeing a magic show on Military Appreciation Day. Little did they know, the show was actually for them. In the patriotic-themed fare, the Boatswain's mate mom conspired with Randy, the magician to make sure her kids remember her comeback forever.

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As they said; Please! Their mother appeared out of magical folds of the curtain, The kids affectionately hugged their mommy and it was the sweetest thing ever! Their reunion was sparkling but people had something to say about the mother's choice of leaving them in the first place.

People doubt her decision 

All kinds of reactions were generated on this footage. But the most prominent response observed was social media users blaming the mother for leaving her kids behind. They objected why she chose her career over her beautiful kids.

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Is it necessary for a mom to quit her job?

There is a lot of pressure on the mother to smoothly perform her duty towards kids. She has to be there for children 24/7. But this scenario is not particularly healthy.


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According to Today's Parents, the best thing a mother can do for her kids is to make favorable decisions for herself. Financial reality can be dealt this way and there is no guilt for women who leave their kids at daycare.

Do you think professionalism can go hand in hand with motherhood or stay-at-home mom is a more tempting and fair choice? Share and let us know your opinion in comments!

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