This 96-Year-Old Sailor Had Reason To Smile When A Letter Written By His Pregnant Wife Showed Up 72 Years Later

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May 17, 2018 12:36 By Fabiosa

When Melissa Fahy and her father, Al Cook, were renovating their house in New Jersey last year, they were surprised when they discovered a letter that slipped through the floorboards. The letter was not addressed to them but to a certain Rolf Christoffersen.

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The letter was written by his wife, Virginia Christoffersen, in Westfield, and dated May 1945. Mr. Christoffersen was serving overseas in the Norwegian Navy at the time. After reading the contents of the letter, Ms. Fahy was overcome with emotion; Virginia was pregnant at the time. She wrote:

I just feel happy and proud to be carrying the baby of the person I love most in the world. I really feel as if I have a part of you with me all the time. You will always be more important to me and the two of us together, alone in each other's arms, will always be heaven on earth to me.

On a mission of love

Ms. Fahy decided to find Rolf Christoffersen and deliver the letter to him. She posted a search on the Westfield Moms Facebook page, asking if anyone knew how to find him. And in less than two hours, she got a response. Rolf had a son who lived in California and who was also a namesake.

Rolf Christoffersen was 96 when Ms. Fahy found him, and his wife Virginia had been dead for six years. The letter brought back a flood of memories as his son read back the heartwarming lines that still felt like they were written moments ago.

I love you Rolf, as I love the warm sun, and that is what you are to my life, the sun about which everything else revolves for me.

Her conclusion was so sweet, just about everyone who read it must have shed a tear:

My time is up now, I must get back to work, but here's a warm, warm kiss for my sweet Norske and a prayer that you'll be home with me soon. Until death do us part, Virginia.

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The letter was a bittersweet reminder of the late Virginia Christoffersen, but in many ways, it proved that there was never a doubt about her love for her man.

Thousands of people on Facebook have seen the post and could not help but gush over the details.

Ms. Fahy said the letter was a "beautifully written letter in a completely different time." These days, most people rather send text messages or emojis. But there’s something nostalgic about good old paper and pen that never gets old.

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