Dying Mother's Wish To See Her Daughter Graduate High School Came True

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June 5, 2018 16:47 By Fabiosa

Cassidy De Leon just had herself an early graduation ceremony from high school last week. Her mother, 51-year-old Elizabeth De Leon had been fighting colon cancer for three years and her dying wish was to see her daughter graduate high school.

Michael Anthony Pagan / Facebook

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The kind administrators at Washingtonville High School decided to make this mother’s wish come through. So they brought the graduation ceremony to the hospital.

Although her mother was unable to stand for the ceremony, hospital staff propped her up on the bed so she was able to watch the entire process.

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Shortly after the event, Cassidy’s mother gave up the ghost. Her stepson, Michael shared a heartwarming tribute to his late mother on Facebook:

although your 51 years of life with is here on Earth wasn’t enough as we all may have wanted, you left a lasting legacy

Cassidy’s story has been viewed over 38k times on Facebook and people continue to be touched by the kindness of her school administrators. It is ample proof that there are still a lot of people with good hearts in the world.

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