UK Authorities Prohibit Gay Conversion Therapy Just Before The Great Pride Parade In London

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July 4, 2018 12:10 By Fabiosa

The UK government has plans to ban gay conversion therapy just on the verge of Pride Parade, taking place in London at the beginning of July. LGBT community is excited about the news, as the attitude towards them is slowly getting improved.

Conversion therapy

In 1992, the World Health Organization stopped considering homosexuality as a mental condition. That was a huge step towards improving the general acceptance of LGBT people. However, the society was still unsure about the reasons for such behavior and offered conversion therapy, mentioning the homosexuals or bisexuals can be “cured” to heterosexuals.

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According to the massive survey, interviewing more than 100,000 non-standard sexual orientation people, 2% experiences conversion therapy, while 5% were offered to try it. However, the UK authorities are working towards banning the unjust policy towards LGBT community just before the great Pride Parade.

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Upcoming ban

British Prime Minister Theresa May has recently mentioned she is shocked how many people struggle to show their orientation in public due to the negative reaction:

This LGBT action plan will set out concrete steps to deliver real and lasting change across society, from health and education to tackling discrimination and addressing the burning injustices that LGBT people face.

In general, the new law is planned to be oriented on prohibiting any promotion of conversion therapy, its offering, and, of course, conducting. Since there is no evidence that such therapy works, no one can state being gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender is a mental disorder that needs to be cured.

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Community reaction

LGBT community is exulting. Of course, it will be difficult to rebuild the behavior at once, but at least, banning conversion therapy is a great start.

We will see how the restriction will influence LGBT and the attitude towards them.

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However, regardless of the great news, the community members should still be aware of their numerous opponents who will hardly ever change their minds.

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