Gentle Firefighter Knew Exactly How To Comfort A Terrified Girl That Narrowly Escaped Death In A Horrible Car Accident

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May 21, 2018 18:16 By Fabiosa

New-fangled father, firefighter Ryan Lopez, showed his parenting skills when he comforted a 4-year-old suffering a car accident. The man hugged the kid and calmed her down, rocking side to side.

Unimaginable accident

The terrible accident happened once on the southbound State Route 125, at the transition to westbound Interstate 8. The fully loaded truck lost control, bumped into a metal guardrail, collided with two cars, and stopped only after hitting a concrete divider wall.

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The first car to hit suffered the most: two passengers, Nancy Bauerlein, 57, and her daughter, Jennifer Thompson-Campbell, 29, died instantly. The second car was damaged much less, and all the people inside stayed alive - two adults and two little girls, ages 4 and 6.

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The older girl had her neck broken and was rushed to the hospital with the mom who wasn’t injured a lot. Another adult also didn’t receive any serious traumas, while the youngest kid was preserved with the safety belts.

Firefighting embraces

However, the smallest one experienced the biggest shock among the suffered. Luckily, Ryan Lopez was there to help. He took a little shaking kid and began comforting her, trying to distract from the terrible accident.

She really just wanted to hang on and just feel safe. It's not something I would ever seek out to take any recognition for. I know someone else in my same position would've done the same thing.

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Ryan said the helpful thing about comforting was the significant event in his life. Two months before the accident, he became a father to a beautiful daughter. Even though he is still gathering experience to feel a respectful father, this episode proved a nice fact – Ryan knows how to deal with the kids.

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Wonderful people

The firefighting team said it would be a great opportunity to meet the family as soon as they recover. Ryan would like to see the kid one more time to check if she goes well.

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Such people are the best examples not only of pure brevity and courage but also of sensitive soul and tender approach. Thank you, Ryan, for comforting the little girl.

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